Suite à  l’achat de mes écouteurs Zagg, j’ai reçu deux coupons-rabais valides pour sept jours.

We are happy to offer you a pair of 25% off one-time-use discount codes to share with two very special people in your life. Anyone will love receiving a discount code, from friends to family to coworkers and all the people in between (you could even keep them for yourself or share them on Facebook and Twitter – we promise not to tell). Your discount codes are good for up to 3 items only (Not all products are eligible for discounts and promotions including the ZAGGmate).

These discount codes expire in 7 days, so notify your friends today!


This is a limited time offer so please check out before it expireson June 16th, 2011 at Midnight MDT (GMT -0600).

Profitez en bien !